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China is the hometown of tea, tea culture has a long history, extensive and profound, as the quintessence of the Chinese nation. Tea culture was born with the emergence of commodity economy and the formation of urban culture. Nowadays, the connotation and form of tea culture are constantly expanding, extending, innovating and developing. The role of modern society is further enhanced.

Tea is pure in heart

Market economy, the survival of the fittest, the interests of the people, the effectiveness of profits, between enterprises and enterprises fierce competition, tight work, social entertainment, complex interpersonal relationships, resulting in pressure attached to entrepreneurs are not light. Entrepreneurs and managers are often faced with the occupation is complex, busy busy environment, responsibility and pressure will inevitably make their breath, this environment especially in the face of many intrigues, even filthy let oneself very helpless and even despised, this time the heart is particularly important. Let oneself pure heart pursue elegance, can not give up.

Tea can meditate

In the face of stress, entrepreneurs and managers tend to become impatient and self control is difficult when the spirit breaks. During the event there is static, a cup of tea to the universe, you will be able to make their own decision to let the thought of scientific rational close by others, appreciation, by the needs of others. Entrepreneurs and managers are ordinary human occupation, will inevitably have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. The softness of tea, the tranquility and sobriety of tea, like the cool and refreshing sedative of the chaotic world, are conducive to peace of mind. In the tea to understand life, thinking about the truth, to grasp the principle of life is more important than doing things, to good virtue, Germany, Li Fuzheng, Take Ji Jun.

Tea can nourish the heart

Boss culture is corporate culture, the spirit of entrepreneurs is the quality of the enterprise, we keep the heart, and do a good job, it is not difficult to do. Entrepreneurs and managers are responsible for social responsibility and obligation to manage themselves, to be respected, appreciated, recognized, followed by a process. Do not regard the enterprise as private property, nor do you regard the enterprise as personal property. Good love is easy to do business, but also easy to let the enterprise team follow you.

Tea has mercy

On the road of life, kindness is the compass of the mind, so that we will never lose our way. Clear your mind clean, quiet after the true mirror. No matter who you hurt, in the long run, you are hurting yourself, and you may not be aware of it now, but it will certainly come back. To tea heart, at the critical moment, quiet heart, treat staff, treat customers, treat society, treat relatives, in the middle of good words to run the brilliant achievements of enterprises.