Fibre Alumni Exhibition at ACAD


The ACAD Fibre Program is pleased to announce a new pop up gallery. The National Gallery of Contemporary Fibre Art will feature work from students, alumni and even objects from historical textile collections. Please join us on Thursday September 25th at 5pm for a welcome back potluck and reception for our current exhibition of twenty three Fibre Alumni including:

Jolie Bird, Heather Bloxham, Un-Jin Cho, Morgan Free, Suzen Green, Anu Guha-Thakirta, Jasmine Herron, Lindsay Joy, Jane Kidd (honorary), Amanda Kriaski, Julie Morstad, Bill Morton, Andrew Penner, Sheena Perratt, Ester Scott, Angela Silver, Marci Simkulet, Romy Straathof, Shannon Stratton, Candice Tarnowski, Wendy Toogood, Melissa Wong and Stephanie Wong.

This inaugural exhibition showcases a cross section of traditional and experimental fibre techniques dating back to the 1960’s. All pieces are on loan from the private collections of the Fibre Program faculty and will be on display until September 30th.

18. September 2014 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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