Knitting algorithms


It has been some time since I’ve posted any new work to ArtClothText. Now that I am on summer leave from teaching I am catching up on a few ideas that have been bouncing around my studio for awhile. This week I am working on a series of knitted objects based on simple algorithms.


Specific typologies of form are beginning to emerge as I divide, increase or reduce stitches in different ways at measured intervals. In the above work in progress, the number of stitches are halved regularly producing flaps.


Once finished each object is washed, starched and pinned flat.



After the first object was dry I removed it and the felt from the blocking cushion revealing the straight pins poking through.



This circular object was cast on in 1999 but was never finished. Fifteen years later, I find myself casting it off and blocking it for this series.


In this image of the blocking process you can see that the circle is produced by increasing at three points every other row. The hemp thread in this work was wound in a tight ball before being immersed in plant dye.


Here is a shot of the first two objects. Each will be mounted on linen. This project is ongoing. I will post more images as it develops.


16. July 2014 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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  1. Hi MacKenzie, These are beautiful! I even love the one you photographed unblocked so the colour deepened at the ends. Look forward to seeing more in this series…

  2. Thanks Robyn, yes its a challenge to decide how to show them as they are quite different before and after blocking. Hope all is well with you!