Frequency | Opening reception


My friend Masae Yamamura came for a visit before the opening.



Nobuko Hiroi and Chiyoko Tanaka


Nobuko Hiroi, Yoriko Murayama and Chiyoko Tanaka


Jun Yomita and Yasuko Fujino





Shihoko Fukumoto, Yasuko Fujino and Machiko Agano waiting to go for dinner!


Last night Keiko Kawashima hosted a reception for Frequency at GalleryGallery. In a single evening I met some of Japan’s most respected, international textile artists and reconnected with a few I met on my last trip to Kyoto. The experience was a little overwhelming as I have been following the careers of many of these artists since I learned to weave in 1994. Thank you to everyone who came to see the show and talk about textiles with me this evening including: Machiko Agano, Yasuko Fujino, Shihoko Fukumoto, Nobuko Hiroi, Jorie Johnson, Yoriko Murayama, Chiyoko Tanaka and Jun Tomita (apologies to anyone I may have missed). I also want to thank Kim and Ron Kelly (Kris’ parents) for joining us at the reception – it means a lot to have you both here in Japan! Following the reception we had a delicious Chinese meal just down the street where Kris received fermentation tips from Fukomoto-san and Agano-san. The whole thing was a little surreal actually, an evening I won’t soon forget.


22. February 2014 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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