New Weaving

I am currently weaving a large cloth panel in silk and hemp. The weft threads have been dyed with indigo in a gradation from light to dark and are woven in a taquete structure.

The blocks you see on the surface of the cloth are determined by a sequences of random integers applied during both the threading and tie up. The kasuri pattern in the threads (determined by the width of my hand + the width of my index finger) disrupts the block pattern overlaying its own subtle zig-zag across the width of the panel.

In this work I am exploring the idea that cloth may act as a kind of archive or document. Still trying to find the words around this concept, but feel that the information that is held within the threads is not specific or referential. Instead meaning is applied during a perceptual process in which someone may apprehend pattern or perceive wholeness based on our shared and intimate knowledge of cloth.

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01. May 2012 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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