Papergirl Calgary Call for Volunteers

The Papergirl Calgary Project currently requires additional team leaders to implement the very first edition of the project right here in Calgary for  August 2012.
* Are you passionate about art?
* Do you believe art should be an inclusive not exclusive venture?
* Are you a fan of gettin’ on yer bike and cycling the city?
* Would you like to take art out of the galleries and institutions and into the streets?
Then join the Papergirl Calgary Team and discover the “Art of Giving Art”!
Papergirl is an art project from Berlin. It has now grown into an international worldwide art distribution phenomenon.

Art should be accessible to everyone. That is the spirit behind Papergirl: a pedal-powered, volunteer based, community oriented art project. Papergirl redefines “street-art” and questions where the value and meaning lies in art: within the object itself, within its symbolic narrative, its economic prowess, its historical context and so on, and so forth.
What happens in a Papergirl project?
  • A call for 2D artworks is made to the local Calgary community where the project is based.
  • The artworks are collected and subsequently, every single submitted work is exhibited.
  • The works are then rolled up, and delivered by Papergirls to the unsuspecting public a.k.a. the local community.
The Results of Papergirl?
Artists gain the opportunity to exhibit their work in a local gallery, AND have their work also given to a new collector. Papergirls get some great exercise and smiles due to their hard delivery work. Volunteers get the chance to work with fellow artists, and get involved in their local community. Hundreds of Calgarians receive a work of art, and become art collectors.
Papergirl Team Leader Roles Up for Grabs
  1. OMNISCIENT OWL – Papergirls’ well respected researcher
    Help Papergirl locate the right connections and organisations to contact to promote the project.
  2. TREASURE TROVE TECHIE – Document the Papergirl Submissions Archive
    You will be responsible for photographing, blogging and noting all Papergirl Submissions
  3. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY & QUEEN BEE – Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator
    You and your Papergirl Minions will go forth and spread the good word to local associations. You will create the buzz in the city on the project.
  4. DOCUMENTLIST EXTRAORDINAIRE – Document the Project Events & Distribution
    Make sure that everyone knows how amazing this project is by photographing and taking video of all the Papergirl Workshops and Events. Your handy work will be displayed on Papergirls Facebook, Blog and Youtube channels… but that is just the beginning!
    Your keen crafting knowledge will be put to the test when you help Papergirl Afficionados create amazing bling and ephemera for their bikes before the Papergirl Distribution Day.
  6. GRUBSTAKE MAVERICK – Fundraising support
    You will work closely with Sunny-Sunshine to procure “the goods” required for this project.
  7. GREGARIOUS ENOBLEUR – Public Relations and Marketing specialist
    With an affinity to make everything you describe sound like magic, you will convince the public of Calgary, AND THE WORLD, of the many virtues of the Papergirl Mantra (The Art of Giving Art). They will become converted believers in the project, and join in the movement.
Contact us & join the movement!
EMAIL: Project Manager: Sunshine Frère [email protected]

23. February 2012 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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