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2011 was a busy year on ArtClothText and I was hard-pressed to pull only a few highlights to share with you this New Year’s Eve. I suppose a good place to start would be Studio Practice, a series of posts featuring artists, designers and craftspeople working in their studios…

Zach Quin and daughter Elsa in the studio | Click image to read more...

Louisa Jensen's desk | Click image to

Fibre forms by Abigail Doan | Click image to read more...

In May, I participated in an artist residency at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon, blogging every day.

The residency coincided with a retrospective exhibition Laurie Herrick: Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.I was asked to create a work in the gallery space responding to Herrick’s work with a piece of my own – Recollect 2.

Recollect 2 (at right) hanging near the two pieces that inspired it, Laurie Herrick's "Purple PolyChrome" and "Tree of Life"

Later that summer, I attended a workshop taught by Louise Lemieux Berube at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles. It was a rigorous week-long workshop that challenged me to think in new ways about image in weaving.

Mackenzie Frère | Simulation of Jacquard sample "stemflow"

In the new year I will continue implementing Jacquard weaving into the Fibre Program at ACAD and have started a new blog Jacquard @ ACAD to share what we are doing in the Fibre studios with students, alumni and artists around the world.

2011 was eventful in more than just a professional sense as it was the year I married the love of my life, Kristofer Kelly. This bears mention only because I could not imagine how to leave this particular detail out, and it gives me the opportunity to mention Mobile Street Archive: Walk, Draw, Repeat featured on the blog this summer.

Mobile Street Archive: Walk Draw Repeat was created by Kristofer Kelly as part of Truck Gallery’s Camper program.

Working with a group of participants, Kris walked and drew for fifteen hours, traversing almost forty city blocks along Centre Street. Together they made nearly two hundred drawings.

Global burrow by Elis Vermeulen

Finally, 2011 saw a beginning of another kind in Global Burrows, a fascinating project by Elis Vermeulen. I am honored that Elis chose to share this project on ArtClothText early on.

Global burrow by Elis Vermeulen

Vermeulen writes…

The pieces are the physical image of a resting place, a place where you regain energy. I mean, the world is a bit of a mess sometimes and we seek often for that place that comforts us, feeds us, tells us all is okay, lets us heal.


The newest iterations of this project are both beautiful and poetic, and provide my imagination with the perfect resting place after an exhilarating and inspiring year. I feel privileged to be able to explore the intersection of art, craft and life on this blog with an ever increasing community of fascinating makers.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, commented or enjoyed ArtClothText this year. Happy new year to each of you, and all the best to you and yours in 2012!

Yours, Mackenzie

31. December 2011 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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  1. A great year on your blog, Mackenzie. Keep the fascinating, interesting, beautiful stuff coming.