MoCC Portland Residency | Pattern variation

I began weaving today with a tie up composed of three interleaved sequences of random integers. The plan is to change the tie-up each time I run out of treadling variations (approximately once a day). The blocks in the resulting pattern are a little subtler than in the simulations I created before traveling to Portland, but were fairly close to what I had anticipated.

What I hadn’t guessed is that the fine silk thread I am using for a tabby weft between pattern shots would assert itself so much, casting a glowing, pinkish haze across the surface of the cloth. In the above image you can also see the warp ikat predominant in a few blocks. Weaving was slow this afternoon and evening as I was still getting used to the treadling sequence – basically six variations on three pattern treadles, with one used for each colour.

Am really looking forward to a full day of weaving tomorrow and discovering how the pattern blocks will tumble across the cloth…

04. May 2011 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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  1. lovely!