MoCC Portland Residency | Natural Dye Workshop at PNCA

This weekend I taught a Natural Dye Workshop at Pacific Northwest College of Art assisted by Lauren Raburn. It was a busy two days in which we managed to dye over thirty shades of colour on wool, silk and cotton. For me it was a great way to arrive in Portland (chest cold and losing my voice temporarily aside) and meet a group of individuals who are passionate about making things. In one small class there were weavers, artists and knitters who made me feel right at home. The range colours that we pulled from six dye pots was surprising. Although I have done this many times it is still a little magical coaxing colours like these from carrot tops, madder root and marigold flowers.


My residency at the Museum of Contemporary Craft starts tomorrow! I am hoping to post at least once each day as the residency progresses. I visited the museum Friday and had my first glimpse of the exhibition Laurie Herrick: Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. I will be weaving on the first floor of the museum within the exhibition surrounded by compelling hand woven work. Although the museum is actually closed tomorrow, I will be able to set up and begin threading. Having now seen the exhibit in person I am very keen to begin my tactile conversation with Laurie Herrick.

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01. May 2011 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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