MoCC Portland Residency | Inertia

Weaving continues this week. Slowly. I am aiming to cut the cloth from the loom no later than Thursday evening leaving a little time for finishing (overnight basically) before hanging in the gallery Friday afternoon.

The finished work will be smaller than planned. I did not anticipate the time that would be required for a four-shuttle pattern, but am very pleased with the resulting cloth. The subtle complexity of colour blending possible using the polychrome technique is truly captivating.

I have to work hard while weaving not to pause and stare at the slowly shifting blocks of silk and hemp almost floating off the loom. I think that this structure holds a great deal of possibility for future work and will be revisiting it on my loom at home. As I said in my artist talk Saturday, I have learned a great deal from my encounter with Laurie Herrick who continues to be a great teacher.

Thank you to Kristofer Kelly for the images.

10. May 2011 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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