Laurie Herrick: Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Laurie Herrick: Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow opens March 17, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland Oregon.

Portland-based Designer-craftsman Laurie Herrick created widely recognized weavings from the 1940s until her death in 1995. This retrospective exhibition explores weaving as a living craft. Selected patterns by Herrick will be available on the web for weavers worldwide to interpret and share via Flickr. Five contemporary artists will participate in Museum residencies, creating personal responses to Herrick’s patterns and adding to this traveling exhibition.

I am honored to have been invited by the exhibition’s curator Namita Gupta Wiggers, to participate in a Museum residency and will create a new piece, weaving in the exhibition space from May 3 to 14. I am very excited about this project and will begin preparing threads and drafts soon. In the coming weeks I hope to share my process with you and intend to blog during the residency.

Herrick was an incredible technical weaver who transformed ancient weave structures like summer and winter with complex colour sequencing and multiple tie-ups. Such complex weaving is rare today on a hand loom. I have chosen Herrick’s “Tree of Life” and “Purple Polychrome” as my inspiration for this project. The museum has generously shared Herrick’s original, handwritten drafts for the project which I will use to develop new threading/treadling sequences, and to compose a kasuri pattern in the warp. It is my hope that the kasuri patterning (based on Herrick’s own hand) will allow me to connect with this compelling textile artist, embedding evidence of her hand in the cloth itself.

To learn more about the exhibition and residency, visit the Museum of Contemporary Craft website.

04. March 2011 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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  1. Sounds like a fascinating starting point for your residency. Glad you’ll be blogging during it!

  2. It is going to beautiful… wish I could make it to Portland to see the show and see you in action. Congrats!


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