Robyn Love’s Knitting Sprawl – Call for Knitters

Artist Robyn Love, is looking for knitters and others who are interested in getting together to ply their craft and talk about their life in the suburbs. She is working on a new project titled, Knitting Sprawl, which is a multi-media project exploring issues around the idea of community in Canadian suburban neighborhoods. Love will be traveling across Canada over the next year and a half, organizing and connecting with knitting groups for a series of conversations about the current state of suburbia in Canada. The project also includes photography, video and a range of needlework pieces: one for each area she visits. Knitting Sprawl is funded, in part, by the Canada Council on the Arts.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Robyn at To learn more about Knitting Sprawl, follow her BLOG

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22. June 2009 by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère
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